Professional and personal minibus travel for any occasion

Wheelchairs welcome

Get Chris is the perfect choice for all wheelchairs users, indeed we have experience catering for a variety of disabled people.

With a mini bus specially adapted for disabled access we can guarantee all customers with disabilities will have an enjoyable and safe journey.

We have paid special attention to the specialist requirements of wheelchair users and disabled clients a like.

Wheelchairs are be secured via approved Unwin WTORS restraints, securing wheelchairs up to 85kg, and includes passenger restraints for the wheelchair occupant.

If you use either an electric, buggy type or specially adapted wheelchair you can contact your wheelchair provider or Unwin Systems to check if your wheelchair is compatible.

The mini-bus has a rear tailgate Porta manual lift which will take a maximum weight of 660 pounds or 300kg, and a side door for access.

Whether it's a day trip, or a regular booking, for wheelchair users and clients with disabilities we are happy to help and to accommodate.