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Minibus Airport Transfers to Manchester and Liverpool

mini bus WiganIt's holiday season and people across Wigan and District are jetting off to all corners of the globe.  Going on holiday should start as soon as you leave the house, however the hassle of getting too and from the airport can cause quite a lot of stress.  With Get Chris Minibus Airport Transfers we ensure the holiday really does start as soon as you leave your home.

Our trouble free service collects you and your group, transporting you all in comfort to the airport of your choice.

With experience in abundance and a detailed understanding of travel times, airport rules and regulations for pick up and drop off we ensure everything is taken care of from start to finish.

If your group live in multiple areas we can arrange door to door pick ups all across the region.

All you need to do is climb on board, sit back, relax and look forward to a great break away.

Minibus Airport Transfers for all.

Our specially adapted minibus ensures everyone can travel in comfort, wheelchair users are well catered for with our superb custom adapted minibus.

All Get Chris drivers work closely with any of your group who has disabilities to be sure we provide just exactly the service they need.

Wheelchairs are secured via approved Unwin WTORS restraints, securing wheelchairs up to 85kg, and includes passenger restraints for the wheelchair occupant.

If you use either an electric, buggy type or specially adapted wheelchair you can contact your wheelchair provider or Unwin Systems to check if your wheelchair is compatible.

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Fly from Manchester and Liverpool Airports

No matter if your flight is booked from Manchester or Liverpool Airport we provide a great service to both airports.   Being almost in the middle of the two airports means we are easily able to provide swift and efficient transfers both ways.  Of course it goes without saying when your holiday is over we'll be there waiting for you to bring you and your group safely home.

So when you need an airport transfer for holidays, trips or business we can help.  Call us today for a free quotation or to book your transfer.