Get Chris Mini Bus Service is a business run by Chris himself, based inĀ Orrell , near Wigan. Get Chris Mini Bus Service is perfectly positioned to easily service the North West, including Wigan, St Helens, Manchester and Liverpool.

Chris wants to ensure that his customers receive a reliable Mini Bus service at affordable prices, with the addition of being able to cater for people with physical disabilities, who may often encounter problems when needing to book reliable mini bus transport that can carry wheelchairs.

Chris is happy to give his valued customers quotes for various types of bookings. This may include nights out, airport transfers, golfing, race trips, or to other special events such as weddings.


Chris can arrange, if required, to mini bus transport for more customers by linking in with other reliable mini bus providers within the locality.

Chris wants his customers to feel relaxed and at ease during their trip, ensuring that their safety is paramount at all times.

From Wigan to Liverpool, St Helens to Manchester and anywhere in the North West of England- Get Chris Mini Bus Service does the lot.

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